Pinks & Orange


Rope Necklace: 60cm long
Earrings : 7cm long
Each pair of earrings are different.
Patterns will vary but will stay within this colourway.

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Pinks & Orange - rope-necklace Rope Necklace ZJNR8 In Stock $39.00
Pinks & Orange - earrings Earrings ZJE8D In Stock $19.00
Pinks & Orange - earrings Earrings ZJE8L In Stock $19.00
Pinks & Orange - strand-necklace Strand Necklace ZJNS8 In Stock $45.00
Pinks & Orange - bracelet Bracelet ZJB8 In Stock $18.00


Zanele and her sister Stella, support their families by designing and making beaded jewellery, with the help of over 20 women whom they have taught their skills.

One necklace can take approximately 2 days to make.

The Ndebele people from present day Zimbabwe & South Africa have a rich history of beadwork which was originally made from seeds, grass, and sinew.
Since the 1800’s, when Europeans introduced Czechoslovakian glass beads, this art form has taken on more intricate designs, often inspired from the colour & patterns on their famously decorated houses.

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