Giraffe figurines


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Giraffe figurines - xl-giraffe-figurine-28cm-tall XL Giraffe figurine - 28cm tall NGGL In Stock $69.00
Giraffe figurines - medium-giraffe-figurine-17cm-tall Medium Giraffe figurine - 17cm tall NGGM In Stock $39.00
Giraffe figurines - small-giraffe-figurine-11cm-tall Small Giraffe figurine - 11cm tall NGGS In Stock $25.00


In the tiny African Kindgom of Swaziland a small group of Swazi craftsmen and women – with age old artistry – breath life into enchanting interpretations of the animals and birds of Africa, imbuing each with its own irresistible personality.

The products, which include a range of tableware, drinking glasses, vases, jugs and ornamental African animals, are all handmade from recycled glass. Most of this is from soft drink bottles, gathered from all over Swaziland .

Not only are the people of Swaziland encouraged to collect the bottles, but Ngwenya Glass works with the local schools to instil in the children a sense of environmental awareness. In exchange for building materials and the sponsorship of the soccer team, the students participate in roadside clean-up campaigns.

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