Turquoise Belt


The base colour of the belt is turquoise, with multi coloured embroidery. As each belt is hand stitched, every pattern varies , and will differ from picture shown.

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Turquoise Belt - large-119cm-long-x-4-5cm Large - 119cm long x 4.5cm SQBTL In Stock $49.00
Turquoise Belt - medium-104cm-long-x-4-5cm Medium - 104cm long x 4.5cm SQBTM Out of Stock $49.00
Turquoise Belt - small-93cm-long-x-4-5cm Small - 93cm long x 4.5cm SQBTS Out of Stock $49.00


This group of embroiders are a collective of women from marginal urban areas, with low incomes, at risk housing, and domestic violence issues.

From their disadvantaged situation, these women show their creative abilities and skills through the development of utilitarian and decorative products.

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