Turquoise & Silver Tuareg Ring


Made from Tuareg silver with a turquoise stone.

Ring Size:  #4 (H) , Turquoise stone is 12mm diam , outer silver is 25mm diam.

Ahmed travels 4000 km over 4 days by bus to bring his Tuareg jewellery collection to Dakar hoping to raise funds to rehabilitate the well in their village. By drilling for water, the Bouloumbouk Cooperative aims to alleviate the ongoing water problems and provide a sustainable solution for their village. The funds raised by Ahmed through his jewellery collection will contribute to these efforts and keep this initiative on track.

It’s inspiring to see individuals like Ahmed working tirelessly to address pressing issues in their communities. By raising awareness and mobilizing support, Ahmed and the Bouloumbouk Cooperative are making a positive difference in the lives of the villagers and paving the way for a better future.

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