Enamel Plates


Size: 22cm diametre

As each piece is hand drawn and painted, no two are identical. The animals and scenes will vary from the picture shown.

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Enamel Plates - blue-plate Blue PlateLUPLBOut of Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - orange-plate Orange PlateLUPLOOut of Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - green-plate Green plateLUPLGIn Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - pink-plate Pink PlateLUPLPIn Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - yellow-plate Yellow PlateLUPLYIn Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - mauve-plate Mauve PlateLUPLMIn Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - red-plate Red PlateLUPLRIn Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - sunset-orange-plate Sunset Orange PlateLUPLSOOut of Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - sunset-red-plate Sunset Red PlateLUPLSRIn Stock $19.00
Enamel Plates - sunset-yellow-plate Sunset Yellow PlateLUPLSYOut of Stock $19.00


This job creation project focuses on creating meaningful and sustainable employment for single mothers from previously disadvantaged communities.

Proceeds from this project are used to support 3 childrens homes for abandoned and abused kids as well as AIDS orphans.

Each brightly coloured piece is hand drawn and painted, making each piece unique.

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