Created by the skills and passion and careful hands of 32 Swazi women. Made from a soft viscose lycra ,  each pair of leggings starts its life as plain white fabric and is lovingly transformed by the Baobab Batik team. Using melted wax to create each unique design, and dyed to achieve the desired colour, at least six different artisans work together as a team to bring these leggings to you.

1: Designer - draws out a new style    2: Batik Maker - applies wax to create the design    3: Dyer - gives the fabric the desired colour and afterwards removes the wax    4: Seamstress - cuts and sews    5: Quality Controller - ensures each pair meets our high standards    6: Packing/Dispatcher - wraps and sends off to Australia :)

Central to this projects core values are compassion and respect for one another. By instilling a sense of pride and love for the batik into the artisans, as well as providing a pleasant working environment, the group is able to produce a truly beautiful and unique products.

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